lunch in chester, sc

I stopped at a Mexican restaurant after work and had this chicken-fajita burrito. It was OK, but didn't seem worth the $8.75. The restaurant was a bit of a dump as well. 😦

8 responses to “lunch in chester, sc

  1. Hi Mike. All these Mexican places have Corona beer and Margarita cocktails. Have you ever seen a Mex restaurant there? Tequila? I'm gonna make it over there someday.

  2. Hi Dave, there are a lot of Mex restaurants in Moscow, but somehow i have never been there. I prefer Italian places. What do you think of it? Pasta, pizza and stuff like that? And good Italian wine, of course.:)

  3. Oh yes! I love Italian places, too. Italian wine I find very delicious. Where I live also has a wine industry. Most North Carolina wines are very sweet, so I sip on those sometimes after eating like for dessert.

  4. Sweet is bad for your health.:) I prefer dry white wines.

  5. Me too. We'll have to get a bottle. The sweet ones I just drink sometimes.

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