a word a day – by e-mail

If you want to refine your vocabulary in English, this is a site I enjoy: wordsmith.org – the magic of words. You get a new word to learn each day by e-mail. It's free, though there is a small text ad contained in each e-mail unless you subscribe to the premium edition. Though there are many things to do on the webpage, I enjoy that it is all available by e-mail, thus making it available to everyone, and even over the suckiest of Internet connections.

Instructions for subscribing to A Word A Day are on the webpage.

Also offered are the following services:

Aside from A Word A Day, I especially like the dictionary by e-mail. You don't have to subscribe or be a member. If you want to see the definition of a word, you just send an e-mail addressed thusly:

To: wsmith@wordsmith.org
Subject: define myword

There's no need to type anything in the body of the e-mail. Change "myword" above to the word you want defined. That's all you have to do!

So, if you want the definition of the word "opera", for example, just address your e-mail as shown above with a subject line of: define opera

Within a few moments your e-mail will come back with the definition. If you are spell it wrong, the wordserver will reply and offer you some guesses as to what you were looking for.

The wordserver also explores the origins of the words, which is something I enjoy. You'll learn about things like Old Norse.

Go ahead, enrich yourself with the wordsmith's wordserver. :up:

2 responses to “a word a day – by e-mail

  1. Nice đź’ˇ I dont generally like email subscriptions 'cos they need to be cleared and if you don't check it for a while they just pile on. I prefer rss feeds.

  2. I like saving some of them even though they can be looked up at wordsmith.org. I like saving things. I hoard!

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