mad magazine – election issue

This issue just went on sale October 22nd. I can't imagine an election more tailor made for Mad than this one. Alfred E. Neuman would actually be a reasonable pick for president. Couldn't get no worse, damn it! "What, me worry?" :p

You remember Mad Magazine, right? I used to read them thangs back during the 60's. 😀

The Mad Magazine publisher's site, and the informative Wikipedia info on Mad Mag.

Maybe I'll put up the "Alfred E. Neuman for President" poster in my yard.

Addendum, 10-25-2008: OK, so I picked this issue up today. So far it keeps putting me to sleep. I seem to remember years ago that Mad Magazine had light surface humor for the young ones, with some rich subtext for adults. So far I'm not finding that here. 😦

I need rich BITING satire and paraody. Wonder where I can get it?

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