going to washington dc for vacation this year – your help needed

Reedplayernc and I are going to Washington DC this year for the 4th of July holiday. This will be our first vacation *inside* the USA since 2004, when we went to burningman. Usually we vacation in Mexico, and one time in Cuba.

We have a nice room booked at The Carlyle Suites near Dupont Circle. They have the expected in-room Internet connection, so we'll be able to stay in touch with my opera and upload our pics to flickr nearly as soon as we take them.

We really haven't planned a thing. Here's a tentative list:

What else should we do? Do you have any ideas? Anything at all, especially something offbeat or not readily thought of. Are there any specific pictures you want taken, ie. holding your name up on a card in front of the White House or something? 😀 Can't guarantee that one, but heck, who knows. That "President's" autograph? Nah, you don't want that. Gives me the shivers. :yuck:

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Even the obvious is OK. What should we do?

3 responses to “going to washington dc for vacation this year – your help needed

  1. Dave you know how i like American Presidents, so please take autograph for me.:D

  2. LOL, you're too funny. YOU should be the president, though the constitution would have to be changed a little. We're not using it right now anyway. 😮 I can get you a postcard maybe. I'll get your address next weekend if you want one.

  3. Yes, I want very much. Enjoy your holiday.

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