microsoft edge browser for linux

It seems weird to see Microsoft Edge browser available for Linux. Who’da thunk it?

It’s interesting. I’m happy with Firefox and Vivaldi browsers, so I don’t think I’ll need Edge.

3 responses to “microsoft edge browser for linux

  1. It’s yet another part of their strategy to embrace, extend and extinguish. Just like WSL. People seem surprised because MS took a long time to start their new campaign against Linux, after all those decades where they called it a cancer and tried to sue it out of existence.

  2. 🤔 In my case, I want nothing to do with Microsoft Edge (When I ventured into the world of Linux, I did it with the intention of getting as far as I can from Microsoft and their shenanigans).

    Microsoft Edge is probably best suited for the new Linux user who is coming over from Microsoft Windows and is already accustomed to using Microsoft Edge.

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