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gorging on food while zooming

Zoom loveliness.

I was doing a social Zoom on Sunday for a certain organization. It always bothers me when people eat during a Zoom meeting, especially if they have the camera inches from their face, but there’s nothing I can do about it except whine online.

One of the participants ate a Jethro bowl of cereal (the term comes from an old TV series where the character Jethro ate so much breakfast cereal that he put it in a large mixing bowl.)

She gorged on that cereal with the camera right up on her face, then she picked up the bowl and drank what was left of the milk, then she gagged on the milk.

I thought about injecting some levity by saying, “I know how it is to gag like hell on something like that.” 😆

There are quite a few that don’t have any self-awareness during a Zoom.