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the sweet little “bu”

My little rental “Bu.”

Got to be about the nicest rental car I’ve ever had. I never imagined that such an average car as a Malibu could be so good. I had to drive the hell out of that thing this past week.

— comfortable
— engine responds immediately to throttle
— combination of digital and analog controls. I didn’t have to do an in-depth study before driving away.

I’ve gotten luxury upgrades from the rental car companies before that weren’t as good as this Malibu.

I don’t need a car right now, but if I did, I wouldn’t mind one of these.

rental car

Rental car. Chevy Malibu.

Favorite of spouse beaters, pot smokers, drinkers, those who spill their seed on the ground, and other such losers and criminals. Same goes for Pontiac Grand Am. 😉

Ha! It’s actually one of the nicest rentals I’ve ever had.

little red corvette

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