small kitchen electrics

Thinking of Ron Popeil and Ronco, though I’d never buy that Showtime rotisserie he advertised. It looked messy and uncleanable.

I enjoy countertop electrics, those “electrodomésticos.” I have three slow cookers (Crock Pots) of various sizes, a toaster oven, blender, a “Foreman” grill, waffle maker, etc.

Each one designed to perform some specific miracle.

I bought a cheap (starter model, I guess) food dehydrator as a holiday gift to myself a few days ago. I want to see if I like it. I travel a lot for work and could use the snacks that can supposedly be made in one of these.

This cheap dehydrator arrived yesterday afternoon, and I immediately set out on a test run with bananas.

I didn’t realize that it can take a long time to get some things dry, and in the case of bananas, crispy. Maybe these banana chips will end up costing $400 in electricity.

The included book said some things can take 38 hours. ⚡😱

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