I was recently tasked with asking people to mask up at an event. I think it’s more than time for that to end, but I always put one on when asked.

I was treated like an ogre by someone just for being there. No “hello” or “long time no see,” just a painful deep breath and “Do we REALLY have to put on a mask. We were somewhere else earlier and didn’t have to wear one.”

They walked in without.

Coincidentally it was one of those who was a harpy at the start of Covid, griping at everyone who wasn’t immediately happy about masking or who wore them incorrectly.

When they decided it was time, it was time, I guess. I felt totally disrespected.

2 responses to “masking

  1. I don’t get people. We finally have a pretext to wear masks in public like we should have started doing many years ago, and what do we do? Whine and kvetch like spoiled brats. I’ve been so much happier wearing one, and I hope it remains acceptable for the foreseeable future.

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