drive-thru drama

Entertaining drama at the Bojangles’ (fast-food) drive-thru this morning!

The customer in front of me was violently shaking the sandwich at the window staff. Apparently it happens a lot because she knew right where to go in the bag and would not pull away until a thorough 29-point inspection was complete.

You know, just take things the way they come. Customizing all to hell invites problems. Go somewhere where people don’t eat regularly or where nobody understands a word of your language, then you’ll be glad to get anything at all.

When I get to the window, staff talk was still going on, lol:

“That GD bitch can rot in hell!”

Then they look at me:

“Good morning!!”

I was totally on their side. 😊

That customer is probably one of those who does six separate checks on a drive-thru order.

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