random reminisce. 1980’s.

I can look at old photos for long stretches of time and be quite content.

Subject and whether color or b&w don’t matter to me as much as the pics having some age on them.

A friend in Mexico City dropped me off at his grandmother’s decades ago while he did a few errands that had urgently come up.

The grandmother and I spent the day looking through boxes of her old photos. She described many of them and talked about many related things. What a great day, especially for building vocabulary in Spanish.

She broke out some wine and snacks, then said, “want to go to the patio for a smoke?” Heck yeah. She was fun.

My friend, who was only to be gone for an hour, returned some six hours later with profuse apologies.

No apologies! We had a good time.

Photography, like the telephone and air travel, I view as a miracle.

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