slow going this morning

There’s something about gold trim on a car that can mean the driver is detached in some way. I don’t know why.

Coming back from Elon this morning, I wanted to take the two-lane back roads rather than getting on the Interstate.

A big fat Lincoln with gold trim turned in front of me and I had to stand on the brakes. It was a lot of very slow miles until our ways parted. It went so slow I could literally count the ripples on the wheel covers glimmering in the sunlight.

Other vehicles known to have slow detached drivers:

— any older Lexus

— sub compact pickups like Chevy S10 and Ford Ranger

Extra points off the pickups if the driver is smoking, has on a straw hat, or the truck is a brand that no longer exists, like Datsun.

You might as well pull off and take a break.

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