what would you do for a klondike?

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Carpet burns.

6 responses to “what would you do for a klondike?

  1. Comrade Vegan

    For a Klondike bar? Nothing. But I’d degrade myself horribly for a Tofutti Cutie. https://www.tofutti.com/dairy-free-cuties-ice-cream-sandwiches

  2. Comrade Vegan

    Strongly encourage.

  3. That’s the punchline from an old joke: What do you call an Alaskan lesbian?


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where I’ve never seen a Klondike (of any variety).

    • Kim, I can’t remember where I found your blog for the first time. Was it the My Opera community? I have been reading it with gusto for years now.

      I have many years of familiarity with Mexico. This makes it all the more delightful to read your writing.

      • Hola Slackwrdave,
        Honestly I have no idea where you found me. I’m listed on Steve Cotton’s blogroll, and a couple of others in the Mexico Expat blogosphere. In any case, I was never part of My Opera, though I am an opera fan, hehe. Thanks for the kind comment. I’m delighted you’re along for the ride.

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