the pain of videoconference

This reminds me of when everything was done by Zoom two years ago, when there were always a few who left the camera on full time, close to the mouth, and shoveled in food throughout the entire meeting.

I just did a “Teams” meeting where one left the camera on and deep chain smoked close to it the whole time. Mouth wide open in a big “O,” I guess due to COPD. Why not share your emphysema with the group?

Then same one puts hands behind head when not smoking so we have to look at armpits. No self awareness whatsoever.

When I get notice of a required Zoom or Teams meeting, the dread starts early. Many things cannot be unseen.

2 responses to “the pain of videoconference

  1. In The Naked Sun, by Isaac Asimov, people on Solaria considered videochat to be clothing-optional.

    Critics at the time considered it prescient. Guess they were right, but likely not in the way they expected.

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