missing an old friend

I had a detailed dream last night about my earliest childhood friend. We’d been friends since we were toddlers. She died just a couple of years ago due to an illness. It was a great long friendship. It took me some time to come out from the dream this morning due to emotion. I miss her a lot. Janet.

I went to visit my friend’s mother several years ago before she, too, passed. She was pushing 100.

It was a little funny, because the mother looked me in the eye and asked, “were my children good children in the neighborhood?”

She really wanted to know.

I looked her in the eye and replied, “yes! They were good. They liked to play and cut up, but they always knew when to draw the line.”

The mother was pleased.

Driving home afterwards, I said to myself, “you lied your ass off on that one. They were total hellions.” lol.

I loved the entire family. Their house was a great sanctuary for me when things were difficult at my house.

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