captcha hell this morning

The frustration of solving CAPTCHAs, let me count the ways:

— pick out the “motorbuses” when some of the trucks are counted as buses.

— pick out the trains when some of the pics are too close up to tell if it’s the side of a train or bus.

— pick out the fire hydrants when there are mailboxes that are counted as hydrants.

— pick out traffic lights. Do I count the housings and the ones so far in the distance that I can’t really tell what I’m looking at?

— pick out the storefronts when I don’t know what little stores look like on the other side of the world.

— when I know I’ve scored 100% but have to do 3 screens regardless.

— CAPTCHA not at all suitable for the visually impaired.

— I still have to solve these things when I have 2-factor authentication turned on.

— CAPTCHA protecting something of life and death importance, like a music streaming service.

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