retro me pic

“David in the den. Stereo behind me is a 1960’s era “Voice of Music” tube-type. It played records all the way from 16 2/3 to 78 RPM.”


This pic is from a project I did years ago digitizing approximately 700 35mm Ektachrome slides that belonged to my father. It took days because I had to place each one on a lightbox one at a time and snap a pic with a digital camera hanging under a tripod.

The hardest part was pulling each slide out of the metal magazine holders and putting them back. It took tweezers and a mini screwdriver. Also, digital camera storage cards were expensive and not so big when I did the project, so I had to stop and offload the pics a lot.

When I finished, I uploaded all of them to an online album and notified my parents to have a look at what I viewed as a family treasure. Both of them had a similar reaction: “what do you want to look at those old things for?” My internal reaction was, “I’ve f*****g had it with y’all.”

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