taking mom out for birthday long ago

An old story about a time when I got annoyed with my mother. It became funny to us even before the day was over and is now a treasured memory.

Decades ago, I wanted to take my mom out for her birthday to someplace nice. I saved up, meaning that I paid down a credit card to the point that I could actually use it somewhere.

We went to a place called Equinox at Friendly Center.

“Let’s have some drinks Mom!” She orders a GD Budweiser which set my teeth on edge. I was hoping that Equinox didn’t carry Bud, but they did.

“Why not, Mom? Are you sure? Maybe they have PBR!” The server played along, “we carry that, too.” I got explosively tense.

Server brings the bottle of Bud, and my mother declines the glass. I said “maybe you’d like a straw?” as I was melting into the chair.

Server keeps pushing it by placing a straw by her bottle. Fortunately, by that time, it was crossing over into being funny.

I then said, “you can take the girl out of Georgia, but you can’t take the Georgia out of the girl.” No offense to Georgia, but I had to get a dig in. That pissed her off, so we started to get even, lol.

I don’t know what was up that day. As time went by, we joked about it more and more.

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