on getting blocked

After getting blocked by a couple on Twitter, here’s a sorta funny I-got-blocked story. There used to be a nice community called My Opera, run by the Opera software company when it was still headquartered in Norway. It was my favorite social media site, and there has never been another one for me that was as good.

There was another user who I enjoyed and thought I was having fun hanging out with until I criticized the Windows operating system one day. He posted about so many things he downloaded to improve Windows: registry cleaners, virus scanners, scanners and improvers of other types, I don’t know.

I couldn’t resist, so I posted the comment, “my God, how many crutches does it take to make that thing walk?” lol. 🩺⛑️

To be fair, it’s when most people were running Windows Me, Millennium Edition. I think that one needed a lot of help.

Windows is used where I work, and after XP, things seemed quite good.

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