one of those bad jobs i had

I spilled coffee on a white t-shirt this morning, and it reminded me of a job I had ages ago.

It was in a shitty store, but it was clean, indoors, and had a deal with the nearby food court.

The owner/manager scheduled a summer cookout in a city park. Better than nothing.

She then made it into a semi potluck, “hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided, but y’all need to bring the drinks and sides.” Some definitely brought some drinks. 🍸

There was a giveaway during the cookout (potluck) which made jaws drop. There was a t-shirt with a coffee stain on it, a souvenir mug with a chip in it, and some item that was missing a part.

Some employees made a showy display of fawning over the item then walking it to the nearby trashcan and dropping it in. Obviously not team players.

At least we got weeks of “can you believe that shit?” out of it. 😂

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