ole time internet

Back when we first got dial-up internet at home, 1996, between me and Brian we would have that telephone line busy almost 24 hours a day.

My mother told me one time she’d been trying to call me for 6 weeks, and it was busy the whole time.

My solution was to call Bell and have voicemail added to the line so she could leave a message. lol

4 responses to “ole time internet

  1. Comrade Vegan

    I was thinking about this yesterday. I think I got online in ’93. My first modem was an external 2400 baud. The last modem I had was an external 56k. I favored externals. It took about six minutes to download a megabyte of data with a good connection. The Internet as we know it now, where I commonly pull down one hundred megabytes in ten seconds or less, would be unusable at 56k.

    • I may have mentioned this dial-up situation once before.

      Netscape Navigator would get an update, so I’d start the download and walk out the door to go eat dinner out. I’d come home thinking it must have completed by now, and discover the connection had dropped about the time I was walking out the door.

      • Comrade Vegan

        I feel this pain. Used to do the same thing with newsgroups just before going to bed. The link would usually drop not long after going to bed, if it were going to drop.

        • I think it was 1997 and there was some fabulous usenet porn coming out of a country I don’t want to name. I’d start the downloading and leave for work. I get back home and not 10 of them had come in and the line had disconnected.

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