columbo 1971 – lee grant starring, HUAC, plus host airport services

I was watching an episode of Columbo on DVD tonight. “Ransom for a Dead Man” 1971.

In the scene below, the company name “Host” on the cocktail lounge in LAX airport caught my eye. Brian and I both worked for Host a long long time ago. We knew a lot of people who did. Host ran a lot of those expensive businesses in airports all over the place.

In the picture below, actors Lee Grant and Peter Falk are going into the Host cocktail lounge where he will shortly charge her with murder.

Well prior to this television drama, Lee Grant was put out of work for a long time due to being charged under the McCarthy HUAC communist thing. She was blacklisted for twelve years, I think.

Will probably start having those type hearings again pretty soon.

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