guadalajara hangover remedies

This article gives five hangover remedies Jalisco style.

One of them is menudo. Menudo: a traditional Mexican soup, made with beef tripe. It is said to have tremendous curative powers for hangovers. Places that sold it did a brisk business on Sunday mornings.

I like trying new customs, sometimes even adopting them as my own, but menudo is one that I stood firmly against and never wavered.

Sometimes on weekend mornings a group from the clubbing of the night before would head out for menudo and invite me. I stood firm against the exhortations and sometimes insults. It was all done in good fun.

— it really works like nothing else
— it’s almost magic
— you’ll be better before noon
— you gringos are so weak
— why do you not like Mexico?

My response was usually, “y’all go on. I’ll stop off for a pizza or a giant hamburger.” Eyes would roll.

Cold pizza and orange juice was good enough for me. It’s still a go-to, but I don’t get real hangovers anymore. I can’t take it.

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