vivaldi pgp e-mail

Vivaldi (the browser people) gives free e-mail with a generous 5 gigs and PGP encryption. I didn’t know about the encryption. Nice to have something that’s not Protonmail.

Free e-mail isn’t a high need for most people, but this is ad free, no snoop, and geeked out with PGP crypto.

4 responses to “vivaldi pgp e-mail

  1. Belatedly, are you on Vivaldi? I’ve been thinking to make an account, because I could use a free webmail service to replace Yahoo, but I’m loathe to get on yet another social network without a real need or at least knowing anyone there.

    • Yes, I have a Vivaldi account primarily for the e-mail and browser sync. I don’t participate in the forums except to sometimes look for some solution there. You also get a WordPress-powered blog, but I’m not interested in it because I post elsewhere. I’ll make a post once every few months just to show activity. I don’t think you have to activate the blog.

      I’m impressed with the Vivaldi e-mail. 5 gigs. Where I actually have a paid service, I’m still under 1.5 gig, and that includes all the e-mail from my desktop for over 15 years, plus importing from a few other side accounts I had. It doesn’t include my gmail, which I let run heavy and am not careful with it at all. It’s my “I don’t give a damn” account, lol.

      Vivaldi account looks easy to delete if you don’t want it. Longevity of the provider is always a concern, and Vivaldi has enough to where I would go with it. If they did decide one day to get out of it, I’m guessing they have enough of a human element there to give long notice or make other arrangements for the users.

      If I didn’t already have paid domain e-mail, I would go with it. Lots of nice short usernames are still available. I’ll privately send you my username (i.e. e-mail address) in case you need somebody to test out the PGP, etc.

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