finally got a webcam during the shortage

Since the pandemic started months ago, webcams have been sold out most places or priced up by multiples because so many people needed them for the Zoom conferences and other things.

I didn’t have a camera for my big old desktop computer where I have a comfortable desk and chair for long meetings. For months I have used a Wyze Wi-Fi surveillance camera adapted for USB streaming by swapping out the firmware. It was nice of the manufacturer’s developers to provide that solution, but the camera not being designed for conferencing left medium results.

I was able to finally get a better webcam this weekend, a camera designed for the purpose. Nicer.

Wyze: the white cube, worked OK for streaming. Better than not having a camera. More suited for surveillance by Wi-Fi.

Angetube 920: the black one. Inexpensive, designed for conferencing, more than adequate. “The webcam works with Windows/Mac OS/Android/Linux/Chrome OS and Ubuntu.”

So there!

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