she didn’t teach the textbook, well, not always

There’s a book out with this title, and I think it would be an interesting one.

Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong (James W. Loewen).

My sixth grade teacher was very direct about these things. She said in so many words, “School textbooks are the way they are for many reasons. It’s up to you to find the truth.”

She was a good woman, that teacher. We even did exercises on spotting crap. She was heretical in many ways. I still think of her often.

One response to “she didn’t teach the textbook, well, not always

  1. I had an eighth grade math teacher, Mr. Hamilton, who I don’t remember much about. But I do remember that he played a record for the class on the last day before Easter vacation that was an audio play about Jesus and the events surrounding why Christians supposedly celebrate Easter. I didn’t care for the play at all, don’t remember much about the contents. I just remember Mr. Hamilton leaning against the chalkboard with his hands bracing against the chalk tray, and saying before he played the record, “I’m not supposed to do this, but they can fire me if they want to.” I really admired that act of rebellion even though I didn’t like the content.

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