the great refund victory

Years ago when price scanning at store checkouts was coming about, the Kroger on West Market Street had a scanning guarantee. “If an item scans incorrectly, you will be refunded and receive one of the item free. Limit $20.” Something like that.

It was a tremendous guarantee, and I had the great fortune of being the recipient one time.

I can’t remember the item, but I bought something that was $10 and change, and it rang up $11 and change. I went right to customer service happy as I could be.

The store manager rolled his eyes as he opened the cash drawer and got out a dollar. Of course I said, “NUNT UHH!” and pointed to the signs hanging all over the store.

He made good on the guarantee. As little money as I had back then, it was a big deal. It didn’t take long for the chain to water that offer down.

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