the thing

I’ve seen a few projects go this way, especially at Burning Man, but other places, too.

A group gets together to do a creative “thing” to make themselves happy and maybe add little something to the world.

The “thing” goes quite well, so well that it attracts others, which is ok up to a point.

The group keeps growing, and inevitably it attracts some corporate workaholic people because they like this good thing, too.

The corporate workaholics are eager to throw their expertise and the resources of their companies behind the thing to make it really great. “We have an advertising department ready to roll.” “Our graphic designers are helping.” “We got the Jumbotron in Times Square!”

It escalates until of them says “my company has a rocket launcher they’re not using and we can put the ‘thing’ on the moon!”

Everybody meant well, but the fun drained right out of it, even though it was wonderful teamwork.

Meanwhile, the original group freaked out, ran away, and started a new “thing” vowing the keep it more under their hats.


One response to “the thing

  1. That’s it! People come in and screw things up.

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