morven is dead

I passed through the town of Morven, South Carolina, this morning on the way to work. Over the years I have traveled this route many times and have always noticed the town because I like the name. I think I read a sci-fi novel one time in which one of the characters had this name.

The little downtown of Morven now looks completely dead and is somewhat falling back into the Earth. There was a light on in the post office, but that’s the only “activity” I saw. The area looked like one of those apocalypse scenarios when you wake up one morning and all the humans are gone and have been for a while.

Approaching Morven from one side, then departing from the other, I noticed two houses and one mobile home, each of which had a moving van backed up to it.

I’m just guessing on this part, but I suspect that whoever lives in each dwelling has missed between one and three mortgage (or rent) payments at this point, and the wolf is at the door.

Lotta people on the move in cities and country.

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