the salad accident

Bojangles’ gets my personal award for best-value drive-thru garden salad. Only $3.59 for a big-azz salad. It’s enough to make a fairly heavy meal out of it. Domino’s is the worst value I’ve found. Nearly $6 for a small slender bowl with nearly nothing in it.

I stood up to refill my water, and my hand caught the side of the bowl and catapulted the salad all over the place. It would be nice if I could just check the fuck out, but I need this hotel room through tomorrow night.

Fortunately, I was nearly done with it when the accident happened. It took awhile crawling all around down there to get most of it up, but it’s impossible to get it all.

A lucious Bojangles’ garden salad prior to eating it
Same salad flung all over the desk, floor, and chair

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