i don’t do mass on Christmas Eve anymore, but…

For a number of years, my mother insisted that we go to Catholic mass at OLG (Our Lady of Grace) on Christmas Eve to honor my brother who was in the process of becoming Catholic when he died. I would not choose to go to a mass on my own, but it helped my non-Catholic mother to process, I thought it was an OK way to honor my brother and the wishes of my mother, and I can get through a mass OK even though that religion is not my thing.

There are many things that would prevent me from ever being Catholic, but I take comfort in that at OLG, they took real good care of my brother, and they knew the whole nine yards about him, the whole kit and caboodle.

To me, “not my thing” doesn’t mean it’s not valid. I can respect.

This is my holiday homily. I rarely do them. I usually just yuck it up.

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