posting therapy

There are some small off-beat social media services that I use as a personal rant box, like screaming into a pillow. It’s embarrassing, yet I find it exciting at the same time. Whatever it takes. 😱
Sometimes I think my post volume gets annoyingly high. Being unfollowed or unfriended can be necessary and doesn’t bother me. I’ve done it to others.
It reminds me of my years in the My Opera virtual community. I never cared if a single person read or responded to my things, though I liked it if they did. I did it for myself.
When things get difficult, hitting the keyboard helps a lot. All this also reminds me of when I worked in a restaurant and my sidework was cutting lemons. There was something relieving about it. Working with the hands. A knife, slicing into the skin of a piece of fruit, the citrus smell, repetitive motion…

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