double espacio – to do or not

Chatting with a friend this morning, I popped this one out.

Serious hard-core important question. Do you double space after periods and colons? I do, though I might stop and cannot make the decision on my own. It’s from those days of running an IBM Selectric.

My friend said:

Double spacing is correct keyboarding, but I’ve long stopped doing it. If I were submitting something for publication, I’d probably double space.

I liked the answer. Double spacing burns though the occasional character limitation I encounter. Then we discussed a love for the Oxford comma. I don’t know JackSh about grammar or punctuation, but I still like to play.

2 responses to “double espacio – to do or not

  1. To clarify: two spaces after a comma or colon, and not double line spacing.

    Also, my favorite example for the Oxford comma:

    We invited the strippers, JFK, and Castro.
    We invited the strippers, JFK and Castro. (JFK and Castro are strippers.)

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