the daily postal mail adverts

No company has sent me more postal mail over the years than AT&T. It has arrived several times a week for years. I can’t imagine the container that it would fill if I had it all together at one time.

It’s always pushing some mediocre copper-line DSL plus DirecTV satellite rolled into a bundle that takes paragraphs full of asterisks to describe.

The last thing I want is a raft of equipment to funnel a little TV and Internet into the house which I can thankfully get somewhere else through a thin fiber-optic line. Most people don’t have that option.

As many times as AT&T, Verizon, and some others get paid and incentivized to lay down some fiber, they just can’t quite get around to doing it here, yet they stand ready to make trouble for anyone else who does.

One response to “the daily postal mail adverts

  1. My pet postal pest is Time-Warner Cable (now “Spectrum”) … If they stopped the mailings, they could significantly ;lower the price of their service. As it is, I happily watch over-the-air.

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