finally the kitty (kitkat) arrives

The waiting was killing me.  It always seems like the whole world got theirs before me.  Amazing how impatience goes.

Now I can start playing with it.  🙂


6 responses to “finally the kitty (kitkat) arrives

  1. Another friend of mine — this one in Australia — turned me on to the phrase, “It’s quite swish!” This means good. I liberally apply it here. 🙂

  2. Hi Dave, lucky you that you are in the USA. I need to buy a Nexus 5 or another phone that has Kit Kat pre installed on it.

  3. I hear that Kit Kat need only 500 Mb RAM to run. Has the performance of your phone improved after the update?

  4. Hi Kiran. It is good to see you.

    I was shopping with a myopera user from India the other night who was debating on ordering a Nexus 5 for delivery to India or USA. A friend of his was travelling USA to India soon, so either way would work.

    The “5” I think was a little over $100 USD cheaper to the USA, but taxes and shipping were quite a lot. He’s considering delivery within India due to it not being that much more after adding in tax and shipping.

    Judging the KitKat performance on my Nexus 4, I think it’s better, but these things are hard to tell. I’d say probably improved. It runs great, very slick and easy.

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