snowden hair

Obviously being in Russia hasn't done a damned thing for his hair.

Poor Edward. I'm sorry. You need a salon ASAP. I'll pay for it.

4 responses to “snowden hair

  1. Perhaps the guy on the left is secretly Amy Goodman in man-drag. (That would explain the hair quite well.) Yeah, okay. Probably not.I wonder if the guy on the right can give the guy on the left an eyebrow transplant…

  2. I've been hoping Amy would try a hot-oil conditioner and get a styling for years. Sometimes she has obvious split ends that distract me from the news. The static electricity must be difficult. 😆 The guy on the right is Hans-Christian Ströbele, the veteran Green party candidate for Berlin's Kreuzberg district. If the eyebrows go all the way across seamlessly, I like to call it the "Leonid Brezhnev" or the "Soviet General" look. It brings back memories of 60's Red Square parades.

  3. I do not know how it was his hair before, but I see he is tense. Unlikely to be being easy for him. I support him.

  4. Originally posted by edvaldo911:

    I support him.


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