glub glub in da pub

Last night, Party City. This afternoon, brunch at the cozy pub downtown. We do it frequently becuase it's so pleasant.

I guess Blue Moon must have been on special.

10 responses to “glub glub in da pub

  1. rub a dub dubtwo men in a pub

  2. It might have been a stray bar.

  3. Oh no ! That's terrible, you've gone astray !Again.Come back come back, all is forgiven.

  4. Carol likes a Blue Moon every so often. :cheers:

  5. We went to the stray bar last night. No Blue Moons there, so we drank the usual: Coronas.

  6. I hope you weren't collared on the way home.

  7. It would take a lot of cocktails to make that happen, and I'd feel bad about it for a long time, so why even get close? 😆

  8. I was stopped in a traffic roadblock, the traffic cops were checking people and cars for roadworthiness. It was a Sunday afternoon and my Mom was in the car with me. The traffic officer asked me if I had been drinking and I said yes, I've had a few beers with lunch this afternoon. (I'd had three beers) He looked all puzzled for a moment then said "Ugh no man sir, you're supposed to say no." He looked at my Mom who smiled at him nicely and then said "Ok go home now" Haha, so what's the moral of that story ? Always take your Mother with you if you're going to go out drinking and driving.

  9. So it was a stroke of luck having my Mother in the car with me on that day.You were also lucky to be moved on without all the complications.

  10. Of course the best thing is to not drink and drive, but the police question is usually, "how many?", which instead of a yes or no, demands a number. The best answer is "none" or "zero" which puts in on the officer to investigate further if he/she desires. Having the mother along would be a nice touch. You can always say, "she might be having a stroke."I was in Merida, Mexico, a few years ago returning to the hotel in a rental car from a "stray bar" after a night of clubbing. As a mild form of "stray" harassment, there was a police roadblock. The officer asked "the question." I answered "none" even though he'd seen me pull out of the enormous club parking lot. He then wanted me to blow into his face. I'd only had 3 beers over the course of several hours. I felt like they were fully oxidized at that point but was still worried about a possible shakedown and the complexity of the Spanish that would be coming up.As I began to blow, I started coughing like mad and told him I thought I had pneumonia. He aborted the test and told me to get the hell out of there as he threw my NC driver's license back at me into the car.Maybe I got the tourist exemption.

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