living in the surreal

What if much of what you thought you knew turned out to be false? I think about this all the time. What do I know? Is it "sturdy?" How can we know anything with the swirl of falseness always around?

As a general rule, I'll rarely discuss things with people who want to talk about something based on mega-media or television discourse. It's just too full of holes and suffers from too many forces.

With all the guessing and reading between the lines, I often come to doubt much of what I think I know. The only way I seem to be able to get anywhere is with print media. This includes Internet. I can study, digest, and research on my own time.

I read an article today that touches on this. I'll rarely read an article that I didn't find myself, so don't read this article…because you didn't find it yourself. 😆

Anyway, I got some good stuff out of it:

Who Benefits from the Various 'Wars'?


When trying to understand current events in their fuller context, it’s often more useful to look at the policies and interests that are influencing these events rather than individual cases (although the individual cases often make up “the news”). That is because there is often a gaping chasm between the formally stated goals of a policy and its actual effects.

2 responses to “living in the surreal

  1. Clearly, there are many ways to Knowsomething! Then there's Aristotle's"I know one thing. I know nothing."anyone who has even considered knowingnothing has already taken a giant leapforward.I used to have a friend who would greet(me) with: What do you know? I finallyrealized a correct response might be:More and more about less and less.Good luck!CT

  2. Well said Connradd. Useful comment for me. Thanks.

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