lunday sunch – you know what i mean

Sunday lunch at Steak 'n Shake, plus playing with the new Nexus 4. The T-Mobile carrier works great in my hometown with excellent data transfer. I'll see if it's rotten outside of cities next week when I go back on the road.

The big iced tea is unsweetened. At my age sugary drinks cause too many problems. In the South, cloyingly sweet tea is the absolute default, so ordering unsweetened always causes a pause.

6 responses to “lunday sunch – you know what i mean

  1. Don't wanna be too much of a Brian & Dave fanboi, so I'm just gonna pass on this one. (The second and last pictures are epitomous.)

  2. They are the same. Often they get trashed late at night when the drunks roll in. On the weekends, the one across from my house has lots of screaming in the parking lot, breaking glass, blowing horns, and police action. It's far enough away that I have to be out in the back yard to hear it. It's actually a popular police feeding station after they bust up the trouble.

  3. Is it me or does every Steak 'n Shake look the same inside. Great pics. 😀

  4. Thanks Saddam! 🙂

  5. nice your photo……

  6. You look SO happy playing with the new gadget (as would I be), and so mentally switched off and slightly scared without it. Well done.

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