new washer in france – lol

Today I got what I assume was a misaddressed e-mail. It's rather sweet, and as far as I can tell, not spam. If I were in France, I could take delivery of a new washing machine, or am I selling the sender a new washer? Somebody is getting a new machine.

I should write back and say, "it better be a freakin' Maytag and what about the dryer?"


Subject: Location G.Brochon Bordeaux

Je suis la propriétaire de l'appartement que vous occupez.
Je vous communique mon numéro de portable car pour la livraison de la machine à laver j'ai besoin au moment de la commande de connaître vos disponibilités.
Si vous avez mon mail avant 17h30 pouvez vous m'appeler ou bien ensuite après 20h.

Tél: 0*******

Into English by Google:

Subject: Location G.Brochon Bordeaux

I am the owner of the apartment that you occupy.
I will give my mobile number as for the delivery of the washing machine I need when ordering your availability.
If you have my email until 17:30 you can call me or then after 20h.

One response to “new washer in france – lol

  1. It's probably one error !!

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