late friday night shift

I always find it sad to be working late into a Friday night. I like to celebrate the leisure of the weekend.

Anyway, long week, tedious, so much driving, then finally I made the final drive home down out of the Blue Ridge, swoosh, right into the Piedmont (of North Carolina).

So, I walk in the door about 1AM. I like to get a beer in hand as soon as possible, sometimes a large pretzel in the other.

Kiss dogs, kiss sleeping BF, open another beer.

Check for Android updates. Update the Linux boxes. Oh good, new kernels tonight. I like a good healthy update…with beer.


10 responses to “late friday night shift

  1. That's what I'm talkin' about. I love posts like this. It's so…so…not superficial (read: facebook).

  2. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    That's what I'm talkin' about.

    By the Order of the Masturbata, I Knight thee.

  3. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    Just don't spill the sacrament on me, please.

    Nah. We'll just sit in the back and gobble down the communion wafers and wash 'em down with a Pepsi.

  4. Just don't spill the sacrament on me, please.

  5. operainchicago

    Life is good in the piedmont :cheers:

  6. All kinds of Piedmonts:Piedmont (Italy) – probably the fun one.Piedmont (USA) – I live here.Piedmont Triad – I live here, too.Also, for ages, we had a homegrown airline. Everybody from around here went everywhere on that airline. It was the butt of many a rinky-dink airline joke, but everyone gasped when it started flying from here to Europe for awhile.

  7. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    Is there a University of Piedmont?

    Not that I know of. It almost sounds like the University of Phoenix. Those degree-mill student-loan-sucking storefronts.

  8. operainchicago

    Is there a University of Piedmont? 💡 :up:

  9. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    Piedmont (USA) – I live here.

    Nice of you to narrow down where you live to only five or six States. How on earth do you expect us to visit? 😆 And, I'm with you on the late Friday night business. I've done too much of that myself.

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