french things and humor

I was reading a post today that (I assumed) was in French. I can usually pick my way through a paragraph in French and get a minimal gist of what it's about, especially if it's basic French or about computers and tech.

I was reading one such paragraph today and was really getting it. I was getting excited and thinking, "OMG! French is finally coming together for me. Yes, sir! Hell yeah!"

Then I realized that the post was in Spanish with one French word in the title. DAMMIT! :p

I have a German friend who was complaining one time that the whole world says that French is such a beautiful language. He then started doing a funny exaggerated German impression of a French speaker. He was quite good at it.

He then said, "German, now that's a beautiful language." I laughed and said, "I agree with you."

Funny how things go. 😀

Don't get me wrong. I love French people and French things. I buy lots of Internet services from France. All my e-mail goes through a mail server in Paris. That makes it extra classy. :up:

4 responses to “french things and humor

  1. I love to see this German !! I'am sure to be very funny 😆

  2. As far as most people seem to surmise, each language has its own beauty as each language can express one particular emotion so much better than a rival language. Rammstein have added notoriety to their music using this misconception as many British people believe German to be an angry language. A case in point is their classic single 'Du Hast' which means you have. As this sounds similar to 'Du Hasst' meaning you hate, they released an English version with the title 'You Hate'. The song is actually a reference to wedding vows. :sherlock:

  3. Rammstein, it's a metal music, no ?

  4. Originally posted by frogier:

    Rammstein, it's a metal music, no ?

    Yes, they are. I love one of their albums "Mutter". They're all trained pyrotechnics and there's a lot of fire on stage when they play live. Their lead vocalist was an olympic swimmer, I believe.

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