lead acid battery

I got almost seven years out of the old battery. That's past the typical lifespan for that type of battery. I waited too long and got caught with it dead. That's always the case. Usual excuse: "It's still starting OK. I'll replace it pretty soon."

Seven years ago the replacement was about $75. Now they are topping a hundred, sometimes over $120.

AAA had the highest price, even with the member discount, for a smaller battery. The franchise Batteries Plus had nearly the lowest price for the biggest one that would fit in the truck. With a 10% off Internet coupon, it was decent deal. No "core charge" either. The battery in the picture is the brawny replacement they sold me.

What helps for getting long battery life is periodically cleaning the top of the battery with water and baking soda. Stuff oozes out of them and will form a film that lightly conducts current across the top of the battery, slowly draining it. So, if the top of your battery looks oozy, lol, it might be slowly discharging.

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  1. Cheers for the oozing tip. I had to buy a new battery for the Honda Civic a few years ago. Because the battery is an awqward shape the mechanics thought that was a good reason to blame the high price on. Actually, all car batteries were high priced at the time.

  2. I always wondered why cars need such large batteries. I thought that once the engine was running, electrical power was created by it and that fed all the devices on the vehicle. Thus, my image was that the battery was only used for the starter motor. Someone please set me straight?

  3. As I understand it, and as you were saying Harry, and you were getting at it, James, a car battery has to provide a tremendous wallop but only for a short period of time. It doesn't need to be deep-discharge like a marine or electric vehicle battery. I guess the size is for maximum surface area of the lead and the acid for large current flow.A curiosity, a discharged car battery is basically a battery full of water. It can freeze and split open in winter.Older non-electronic Diesel engines can run with no power on the engine at all once started, though they take even more power to start than a typical gasoline.My mom had a grand old Mercedes Diesel (5-cylinder) many years ago. The battery in it was *huge*. It was a pleasure just to listen to the sound of that running engine. I would never vary on the idling RPM. So perfect. Then somebody rammed the hell out of it, and that great old car was gone. The occupant was fine.

  4. It is true that the alternator should supply all power once an engine is running and that the alternator will also recharge the battery. However, starting an engine takes an awful lot of power. If the alternator does not recharge your battery the battery will be empty after about 20 starts.

  5. Many thanks folks.

  6. operainchicago

    Good tips :flirt:

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