sanborns los azulejos

Mexico knows breakfast. I love a good Mexican breakfast. This is a first-class one at a historic Sanborns department store in Mexico City

David Rosas is the man with the camera. He just created this classy photo album of the famous Sanborns Los Azulejos (Casa de los Azulejos).

I :heart: Mexico so much.


5 responses to “sanborns los azulejos

  1. awwww!! And I love u dear!,great Barbacoa 😀

  2. :heart: Love you, too!That's a million-dollar breakfast there (or 12 million pesos). :up:

  3. Wow! Now, that is a really wonderful looking breakfast. You locate all the best food – no photos of me in the kitchen I notice. Couldn't you focus your lens through the smoke from the burning food? 😉

  4. No por nada la mejor comida del mundo bueno tal vez exageró y no es la mejor del mundo pero si que deja un buen sabor de boca, saludos desde México …

  5. Saludos Jorge. 🙂

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