usual weekend thang

It would be uncountable how many meals we've had together.

8 responses to “usual weekend thang

  1. But what is the food? Large omelettes?

  2. No, that is big ass burrito or something Mexican. Love the longer hair Brian :chef: :flirt:

  3. Omlettes with salsa sound really good, but they are burritos.

  4. Carol wins a prize :jester:

  5. Ah, well, Mexican food is not exactly commonplace over here in Blighty, so I think I can get out of this with dignity intact. Never seen a burrito (until this picture) – only heard of them. Don't even know what it actually is.

  6. Originally posted by SharkfinUK:

    I think I can get out of this with dignity intact

    I sure don't want anybody to have dignity problems around here. I have enough issues with my own. lol.Some places you'll see signs that say, "burritos as big as your head." I like those. Deadhead burritos at Grateful Dead shows years ago were good, too, as long as they weren't rancid. For some reason I always was terribly hungry at Dead shows. :whistle:

  7. James: there has to be a burrito place near your home in the UK. Try a Google search for a place near you

  8. I even saw a non-meat burrito pack in Holland and Barrett the other day. Holland and Barrett sell supplements, dairy free stuff, meat free stuff etc. Handy when you're lactose intolerant. :up:

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