googly dancy music

It's hard to believe I bought nine remixes of the same song from soul stealer Google. There might have been a few beers involved.

10 responses to “googly dancy music

  1. One of my most favored LP's. OMG!

  2. I've done the something similar, except I wasn't aware I had done so, until I was listening to the CD over the course of a couple days and found myself thinking, "Wow, a lot of these songs sound like I just heard them…"

  3. Okay, okay. This is just getting creepy. This whole magically connected thing is weirding me out. One of my favorite albums!

  4. Things can get pretty weird. lol

  5. I'am a big fan of depeche mode and the remixes is very interesting : it allows to discover one songs with a new version, that's often cool :yes: :sing:

  6. I made two incorrect CD buys before I got the JCS album pictured above. It has all the good 70's funk I remembered from the 2-LP set I have from so many years ago. 1970 original London cast seems to be the key. The Murray Head vocals are superb.Buying the correct JCS movie is tricky, too. I don't remember now which version I saw on cable one time, but I like the one that has the 70's hippie freakiness in it. Near the end of the movie, it shows Jesus walking along in the desert with modern military tanks superimposed rolling up over the hills behind him. Absolutely chilling!

  7. I like the American funk gender Sly and the family, perfect for the party time !! :hat:

  8. ******waooooow******

  9. 😆

  10. Hello aditya. :up:

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