postal security

Safe mailbox on 12-25-2012. Possibly a sharp-shinned hawk.


4 responses to “postal security

  1. Merry Christmas! :pingu: :jester:

  2. Looks very much like the Red Tailed Hawks I'd see flying around the North Mountain range near my old house in Phoenix. I used to take walks along many of the paths and see them landing on top a cactus or in mesquite tree.

  3. Missing that Phoenix weather right now.Phoenix also has more species of hummingbirds. We put out a feeder during our Tempe years and were amazed at the traffic. Here in NC, there is only one species, the Ruby Throated, so feeder traffic is a bit rare.

  4. I had a feeder in Phoenix too but had to put it at the front porch. My min pin was able to catch them! No hummers in Fargo at all. My son, who still lives in Phoenix, said he was cold because it was only 48. I laughed and told him it was minus 13 Christmas morning to which he replied "That's insane!" Yup.

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