overnighting at south of the border, south carolina

Since 1949, an honest-to-goodness tourist trap. My family used to stop here when I was little on the way to Myrtle Beach. It's South of the Border. I've lightly posted about it before here and here.

For once my travel plans for work put me here for a convenient overnight stay in the SOB (South of the Border) Motor Hotel. All the neon is so pretty at night beside I-95.

Image #1: Pedro stands guard all night. This thing is HUGE.

Image #2: My hotel for the night.

Image #3: It's as big as an entire town, and this isn't even half of it.

Image #4: Old-fashioned room key.

Image #5: For a touch of sleeze, there is grafitti on the back of the ironing board door. Yes, it's an old one that folds down out of the wall.

7 responses to “overnighting at south of the border, south carolina

  1. 1. Can a 14 foot high trailer fit under Pedro?2. Is the name South of The Border metaphorical only?3. Will everything really be okay?

  2. 1. Maybe, but I never push it.2. It's just south of the NC/SC border, so it is kind of south of the border. It started out as a bar, I guess to take advantage of a looser local law in 1949. It's grown into a tremendous place.3. I hope so.

  3. That's really Las Vegas Dave! :no:

  4. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    That's really Las Vegas Dave!

    I actually like Reno better…because it's closer to Burning Man.

  5. Love the pics of those neon signs! Wish I'd taken a few pics of the vintage motel signs on Van Buren in Phoenix. I've a feeling many are gone.The first house I lived in on my own had one of those drop down ironing boards in the kitchen. I actually used it. It's kinda handy really and wonder why it's not done anymore.

  6. Permanent Press, Pam.

  7. Phoenix had some good places while I was there. I remember it fondly.

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