fooling around on linux

I like the humor I saw in a recent comment on a Slashdot post entitled What Distros Have You Used, In What Order?

Parent of comment that I like:

I don't use Linux, so I've always been baffled by this: why do you need to swap distros? What's up with this OS that everyone feels the need to jump around all the time? It's like a geek rite of passage to find the most obscure distro you can, it seems. I don't get it.

(Not trolling, genuinely puzzled)

Funny reply:

When you first start out everything is so new and exciting. You first just want to try anything and everything. You try a few things, learn some new tricks with every distro. Eventually you find one you love, and stick with it. After a few years you see all these hott young distros and get curious and give them a good fsck under a VM or an old box. Every single time you think to yourself "never again", but they always lure you back in because the old ball and chain isn't quite as flexible.
As you get older you realize you prefer the comfort of one distro but like to spice things up with one or two on the side.

3 responses to “fooling around on linux

  1. like to spice things up with one or two on the side.

    That one got me to laughing. Also, spelling "hott" with two t's added feeling.

  2. pun intended 😀

  3. Mmmhmm. Gotta agree. 😀

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