spider day

Image #1: I'm staying in a hotel this week for work and see this little cutie on the outside wall.

Image #2: Then I go to a diner to get some carryout food, and this little box is on the counter.

Image #3: It was a damned trick! A toy spider hops out of the box onto my hand. I was a little pissed, but it was a good gag.

5 responses to “spider day

  1. I like your wedding ring :love:

  2. Hehe. We like to feel legal.

  3. What no candy!!! :(Congrats @ ring btw. Its more cool coz it looks like the lord of the rings one!

  4. Originally posted by Shaunak:

    it looks like the lord of the rings one!

    I like everything LOTR related. That was the last movie series I went to see in a movie theater. There has to be a compelling reason to get me into a movie house now. There is too much distraction, usually related to people messing with their mobile devices. I can't stand those little screens lighting up all during the movie.

  5. Originally posted by Shaunak:

    Congrats @ ring btw

    They are Oaxaca silver. That doesn't mean they were expensive. In southern Mexico, silver is abundant. We got 'em sometime in the 90's.

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